Specs for the GRAN BOARD 3s

Spec for the Gran Board 3s 

Model Gran Board 3s
Dimension 22.3" x 22.3" x 1.6"  
Weight 7lbs (3.2kg)
Materials Body: ABS resin
Segments: Nylon resin
Backboard: MDF wood
Circuit board: FR-4
Features Bluetooth 5.0
Built in LED
Built in Outer Sensor
Included Contents Gran Board 3s
Battery Box lid
USB cable
Install screws
Instruction manual
Colors Body: Black / Segment: Green & Red
Body: Black / Segment: Blue & Red
Body: White / Segment Blue & Red
Power Supply Options Micro USB or USB-C / 5V power supply *USB terminal differs depending on the manufacturing lot
AA battery x 2 / 3V
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Introducing the GRAN BOARD 3s Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard, a highly advanced dart gaming device designed to enhance your darting experience.
With its dimensions of 22.3" x 22.3" x 1.6" and a weight of 7lbs (3.2kg), it strikes a balance between size and portability.

The body is made of durable ABS resin, while the segments are constructed with resilient nylon resin. The backboard is composed of MDF wood, ensuring stability. The circuit board is built with FR-4 technology for reliable performance.
It features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for seamless pairing with your smartphone or tablet via the Gran Board app. The built-in LED adds a dynamic visual element to gameplay. The dartboard also includes a built-in outer sensor for precise scoring.

The package includes the GRAN BOARD 3s, battery box lid, USB cable, installation screws, and an instruction manual. It comes in three color options: black body with green and red segments, black body with blue and red segments, or white body with blue and red segments.

Power can be supplied via micro USB or USB-C with a 5V power supply, or with two AA batteries for portable use. Upgrade your darting experience with the GRAN BOARD 3s Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard.

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