What is a GRAN CAM for GRAN BOARD 3s and should you get one for your dartboard

If you’re a GRAN BOARD 3s user, you’ve no doubt heard of the GRAN CAM. But what is it exactly? And why should you get one? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the new GRAN CAM for your GRAN BOARD 3s.

What is Gran Cam?


The GRAN CAM is a 2nd camera for dartboard, specifically designed to be used with the GRAN BOARD. Therefore, it seamlessly integrates with GRAN BOARD and GRAN BOARD App. As a result, playing darts online with people from all around the world became much more exciting than ever before! 

Gran Cam and Gran Cam Arm by Gran Board 3s

The GRAN CAM captures the dartboard. Furthermore, it provides real-time automatic zooming and a switching action on focal points of the dartboard that are linked to the game. With this feature, you feel like you are in a professional tournament with the TV crews filming your games.


Although this camera has amazing features, the camera itself is lightweight and smaller than your hand. As such, it would not interfere in throwing darts. Moreover, it can be easily installed by the dartboard using an adjustable arm called GRAN CAM ARM. 

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Should You Get Your Gran Cam?

Playing Gran Board 3s in the backyard

If you're looking for a way to enjoy darts from the comfort of your home, then GRAN CAM is definitely worth considering. It just adds another level of excitement and engagement to playing on the Gran Board 3s. 


Darts Streaming by Randy on Twitch

Additionally, if streaming or recording videos of your game is something that interests you, then having a dedicated camera like the GRAN CAM will come in handy when it comes time to edit and publish them online. (photo from Ranz808)


All in all, investing in a GRAN CAM & GRAN CAM ARM for your GRAN BOARD 3s is well worth it if you want to make multiplayer gaming more fun than ever before. So don’t wait – pick up a GRAN CAM together with GRAN CAM ARM today and start reaping all of its benefits!